Studies in Sulphonamides -Part V

  • G. S Saharia University of Delhi, Delhi
  • H. R. Sharma University of Delhi, Delhi
Keywords: E coli, Sulphonamidobenzeneazo, Dibenzoylmethanes


Five substituted dibenzoylmethanes, 1-(p-chlorophenyl)-1-(p-bromophenyl)-, 1-(p-methylphenyl)-, 1-(p-methoxyphenyl)-, and 1-(p-biphenyl)-3-phenyl propane-1:3-diones are coupled with diazotised sulphanilamide, sulphacetamide, N/sup 1/ phenyl-, N/sup 1/p-chlorophenyl-, N/sup 1/p-methylphenyl-, N/sup 1/ p-methoxyphenyl-, N/sup 1/ pyrimidyl-, N/sup 1/ guanidyl-, N/sup 1/-4:6-dimethylpyrimidyl-and N/sup 1/r-pyridylulphanilamides in presence of sodium acetate. All these forty one substituted sulphonamidobenzeneazo 1:3-diketones are crystallised and screened in vitro for their antibacterial properties and some of these are found to be highly active against S. aureus and E. coli.
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SahariaG., & SharmaH. (2014). Studies in Sulphonamides -Part V. Defence Science Journal, 22(2), 135-138.
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