Studies in Sulphonamides- Part IX

  • Chandra Mohan University of Delhi, Delhi
  • G. S. Saharia University of Delhi, Delhi
  • H. R. Sharma University of Delhi, Delhi
Keywords: Sulphonamides


Four differently substituted benzoylacetones, viz., 1-(4'-methylpheny1)-, 1-(4'-ethylpheny1)-, 1-(4'-methoxyphenyI)-, and 1-(4'-ethoxypheny1)-3-methy1 propane-1,3-diones have been synthesised and coupled with fourteen different diazotised sulphonamide bases. All the resulting sulphonamidobenzeneazo derivatives when subjected to their screening in vitro against S. aureus and E. coli were found to passes considerable activity.
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Mohan, C., Saharia, G., & Sharma, H. (2014). Studies in Sulphonamides- Part IX. Defence Science Journal, 25(3), 97-100.
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