Studies in Sulphonamides - Part VI

  • G. S. Saharia University of Delhi, Delhi
  • H. R. Sharma University of Delhi, Delhi
Keywords: Pharmacological properties, Azo compounds, Diazotised sulphonamide


Five different 1:3-diaryl propane-1:3-diones, 1-(m-nitrophenyl)-3-phenyl-, 1-(m-nitrophenyl)-3-(p-methoxyphenyl)-, 1-(p-methoxyphenyl)-3-(p-bromophenyl)-and 1-(pmethoxyphenyl)-3-(p-chorophenyl) propane-1:3-diones have been synthesised and coupled with eight different diazotised sulphonamide bases to give 1:3-diary 1-2(substituted sulphonamidobenzeneazo) propane-1:3-dicnes. The pharmacological properties of all these azo-compounds have been studied in vitro by the cup-plate method.
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Saharia, G., & Sharma, H. (2014). Studies in Sulphonamides - Part VI. Defence Science Journal, 22(2), 139-142.
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