Studies in Sulphonamides- Part VIII

  • Chandra Mohan University of Delhi, Delhi
  • G. S. Saharia University of Delhi, Delhi
  • H. R. Sharma University of Delhi, Delhi
Keywords: Sulphonamides, Antibacterial properties


1-Ary1-3-methypropane-1,3-diones, viz.,1-(4/Sup1 chloropheny1),1-4'-bromopheny1)-1-(4'-chloro-3'-methy1-pheny1)-and -bipheny1-3-methy1Propane-1,3-dions have been synthesised and coupled with different dinzotises sulphonamied, bases in presence of sodium acetate to furnish the respective 1-ary1-3- methy1-2(subsituted sulphonamidobe-nzeneazo propane-1,3-diones.All these azo compounds have been tested in vitro for their antibacterial properties against S. aureus and E. coli and majority of these are found active against S. aureus.
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Mohan, C., Saharia, G., & Sharma, H. (2014). Studies in Sulphonamides- Part VIII. Defence Science Journal, 25(2), 55-58.
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