Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Part III- Ammonium stearate and M-Dinitrobenezene

  • K. S. Rajagopalan Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • S. K. Gupta Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • B. Sanyal Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
Keywords: Stearate, Chemical compound, Ammonium, Corrosion, m-dinitrobenzene


In earlier studies while screening various chemical compound for their vapour phase inhibiting properties. Some ammonium salts and nitro-compounds had shown promising results. Of these, ammonium stearate and m-dinitrobenzene gave the best results in accelerated short term tests. In the present paper a more detailed investigation on the corrosion protection given by them has been made.Ammonium stearate and m-dinitrobenzene, both, have been found to perform satisfactorily under all test conditions except SOsub2 test where m-dinitrobenzene failed. Their indigenous availability, low cost and good corrosion inhibiting properties demands favorable consideration for their adoption as VCIs for general use.
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Rajagopalan, K., Gupta, S., & Sanyal, B. (2014). Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors Part III- Ammonium stearate and M-Dinitrobenezene. Defence Science Journal, 12(3), 31-38. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.12.6988
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