The form functions for modified multibular charges

  • J. N. Kapur Institute Of P.G. Studies, Delhi University, Delhi
  • B. S. Jain Hindu College, Delhi University, Delhi
Keywords: Heptatubular charges


It is shown in the present paper that it is likely to be useful to eliminate the second stage of burning for the heptatublar charge by removing the portions corresponding to the slivers in advance, with the result that there s only one stage of burning throughout this stage in almost all cases S/S/Sub/o increases. The properties of the form function for such a shape and the equivalent form factor Theta have been worked out in complete generality and it is found that this shape gives a great improvement over the unmodified shape as is seen by comparing the values of the equivalent form factor Theta here with the corresponding mean value of Theta for the unmodified heptatubular charge obtained by Tavernier.
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Kapur, J., & Jain, B. (2014). The form functions for modified multibular charges. Defence Science Journal, 11(3), 131-156.
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