The internal ballistics of a high: low pressure gun

  • J. N. Kapur Delhi University, Delhi
Keywords: Internal ballistics, High-low pressure, Non-Isothermal model, Corner's energy equation


In the present paper the system of equations for the Non-Isothermal Model for a H/L gun has been developed and from this, the systems of equations for Isothermal and Non-isothermal models for orthodox gun and solid fuel rockets have been deduced. The Non-Isothermal Model for H/L gun has been integrated for a tubular charge. For isothermal model, reduction to an equivalent non-leaking problem has been discussed and the partially non-isothermal model has been integrated for the linear law. After all-burnt modification needed in Corner's energy equation is obtained.

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J. N. Kapur, Delhi University, Delhi
Hindu College, Delhi University, Delhi
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Kapur, J. (2014). The internal ballistics of a high: low pressure gun. Defence Science Journal, 7(2-3), 51-71.
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