Automatic Target Handing Over System .

  • M. Sankar Kishore Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Keywords: Airborne seeker, High resolution sensor, Sensors


The image seen by the airborne seeker and the image (of the same scene) seen by the operator through the high resolution sensor (thermal sight) are different in spatial resolution. In order to establish the correlation between these two images, the thermal sight image needs to be resampled and made similar to the seeker image by applying a preprocessing technique. The preprocessing is carried out by a handling over system (HOS) that resamples the thermal sight image making it compatible with seeker image and hands over the resampled image to the seeker. This paper discusses the implementation of the suitable handling over algorithm. (Boland, J.S. et al. automatic target hand using correlation techniques. Technical report, Auburn University, Alabama, 31 January, 1977, pp.57-63). Emphasis is laid on developing suitable hardware and software and tests to match the two images obtained by two different sensors of the same scene. The hardware and software have been evaluated with sets of images. The H/W is designed around iAPX 86 family of processor and software is developed in PL/M. Hardware also includes the recording facility on a standard VCR, to record the performance of handling over electronics (HOE) during testing/flight trials. Evaluation of the system by realistically simulating the field scenario in the laboratory has shown that the HOS is functioning satisfactorily.

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M. Sankar Kishore, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad.
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