Microcontroller based ground weapon control system(Short Communication)

  • M. Sankar Kishore Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Keywords: Fire control systems, Ground control unit, Target identification, Handing over electronics, Image processing


Armoured vehicles and tanks generally consist of high resolution optical (both infrared and visible) and display systems for recognition and identification of the targets. Different weapons/articles to engage the targets may be present. A fire control system (FCS) controls all the above systems, monitors the status of the articles present and passes the information to the display system. Depending upon the health and availability of the articles, the FCS selects and fires the articles. Design and development of ground control unit which is the heart of the FCS, both in hardware and software, has been emphasised. The system has been developed using microcontroller and software developed in ASM 51 language. The system also has a facility to test all the systems and articles as initial power on condition. From the safety point of view, software and hardware interlocks have been provided in the critical operations, like firing sequence. "
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Kishore, M. (2002). Microcontroller based ground weapon control system(Short Communication). Defence Science Journal, 51(4), 429-435. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.51.2259
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