Weapon Control System for Airborne Application.

  • M. Sankar Kishore Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Keywords: Integrated fire control system, Weapon control unit, DX2 processor


The integrated fire' control system (IFCS) plays an important role in the present-day fighter aircraft and helicopters. Wecapons, such as missiles (active/passive), rockets and guns may be present on thelfighter aircraft or helicopter .IFCS monitors the status of the weapons present on the vehicle and passes the information to pilot/co-pilot. Depending upon the health/availability of the weapons, IFCS selects/fires the weapons. An attempt has been made to bring out the details of one such IFCS. As a I stepping stone, smaller version is developed and same philosophy can be used for integrating ftlore and I more weapons. Here, emphasis has been made on design and development of weapon control unit which is the heart f IFCS, both in hardware and software. The system has been developed using a 486 DX2 processor, and an elaborate software has been developed in PL/M.

Author Biography

M. Sankar Kishore, Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad
Research Centre Imarat, Hyderabad


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