Design of Blast Resistant Structure

  • C. K. Gautam Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
  • R. C. Pathak Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
Keywords: Thermal hazards, Blast resistant structure


A shock blast resistant structure designed, developed and experimentally evaluated by the authors is described. We structure, capable of with standing dynamic loading (12 psi and a static pressure of 1.5 m earth cover) due to blast or any other explosion, also gives protection against radiation, chemical and thermal hazards. Some results and details of analysis and experimentation are presented.

Author Biographies

C. K. Gautam, Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
Mr CK Gautam received his BE (Civil Engg) in 1985 from Regional Engineering ColIege, Kurukshetra and MTech (Material Science) in 1995 from Indian:lnstitute of Technology, Bombay. At SASE, Manali, he worked in the design and development of many avalanche control structures on various axes in northern India. Currently, he is working as Scientikt C at R&DE (Engrs), Pune, where he is mainly involved in research on blast resistant,structuraIs.

R. C. Pathak, Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
Col (Dr) RC Pathak obtained his BSc (Civil Engg) in 1956 from Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, MTech and PhD in Geotechnical Engineering in 1984 and a 988, respectively from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. The areas of his specialisation are geotrchnical engineering, blastproof structures and cold region engineering. He also participated in ope of the Indian Antarctica Expeditions. He has published more than 51 research papers in national/international journals and also attended many conference seminar in India and abroad. Currently, he is heading Field and Cold Region Engineering Group at the Research & Development Establishment (Engineers) R& DE (Engrs) Pune.
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