Analytical and Experimental Evaluation of a Buried Shelter

  • C. K. Gautam Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
Keywords: Buried shelter, soil-structure interaction, elastic foundation stiffness, modulus of subgradereaction, buckling analysis


The design, analysis, and testing of a buried circular cylindrical shelter has been describedin this paper. This shelter may be used for personnel protection in emergency situations likeaccidental blast, terrorist attack, etc. Various criteria have been used for designing and analysingthe shelter. The shelter has been analysed using a software package called ANSYS for findingout the stresses, deflections, buckling load factors, and buckled mode shapes. The shelter wasburied under earthcover (1.5 m) and tested for the required loading.
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Gautam, C. (2007). Analytical and Experimental Evaluation of a Buried Shelter. Defence Science Journal, 57(2), 299-307.
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