Analytical Evaluation of Fibre-Reinforced Plastic Corrugated Sheet

  • C. K. Gautam Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
  • R. C. Pathak Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
Keywords: Materials science, Fibre reinforced composites


Fibre-reinforced' composites playa lead role as advanced materials in modem day structures.This paper reports fabrication and testing offibre-reinforced corrugated sheet employing 4-point bend loading. An in-depth analysis has been carried out using ANSYS, a finite element method package.The theoretical results obtained are compared with the experimental values. The values ofboth inputsshowed similar results. conforming at a particular boundary condition. However, more similarexperiments "on such fibre-reinforced plastic corrugated sheets have been suggested for -better comparison.

Author Biographies

C. K. Gautam, Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
Mr CK Gautam obtained his MTech (Materials Science) from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT),Bombay, in 1995. Hejoined DRDO at the Snow & Avalanche Study Establishment (SASE), Manali.His areas of research include design/development of many avalanche control stuctures. Presently, heis working as Senior Scientist at the Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune, wherehe is involved in the development of blast-resistant structures.
R. C. Pathak, Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune
Col (Dr) RC Pathak obtained his MTech and PhD (Geotechnical Engg.) both from Indian Instituteof Technology (IIT), Delhi, in 1984 and .988, respectively. Presently, he is working at the Research & Development Establishment (Engrs), Pune and is heading Field and Cold Region Engineering Group. His areas of research include geotechnical engineering, blast-proof structures and cold regionengineering. He also took part in one of the Indian Antarctic Expeditions. He has published over 57papers in national/international journals and also attended many conferences/seminars in India and abroad.


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