Design and Development of Power Management System of Unmanned Underwater Platform for Defence Application

  • Arun Kumar Advanced Systems Laboratory, Hyderabad
  • L. Anjaneyulu Department of Electronics & Communication, National Institute of Technology, Warangal
Keywords: Remote station, Underwater platform, Network management system, Power management system


Development of underwater weapon systems for defence application are carried out on unmanned underwater platform. Extensive testing and measurement of physical parameters are carried out during development phase trials. After several trials, system is qualified and installed on the actual platform. Mostly battery bank is used to power the unmanned platform. Design and development of power management system is an important issue of underwater platform to increase the underwater time of the platform. During development trials some additional equipments are also included for which power requirement was not considered during design of battery bank. This also becomes an issue to manage the power requirement of additional equipment beyond the design capability of the battery bank. Unmanned submersible platforms at a depth of 50 m to 70 m are used during development of underwater missile. Platform houses the missile to be tested, equipment required for missile launch and control of the platform. A power management system (PMS) with redundancy and fault tolerant features achieving reliability figure of 99 per cent has been designed, developed and tested successfully for underwater phase of missile launch. The system allows remote operation of individual or group of equipment, current monitoring, and isolation of faulty equipment. Power requirement for additional equipment on platform is also included in PMS without affecting the reliability of the system. Power control of equipment on requirement basis to save battery power, to increase underwater time of platform and to manage additional power requirement beyond the designed capacity of the battery bank is described in detail.

Author Biographies

Arun Kumar, Advanced Systems Laboratory, Hyderabad

Mr Arun Kumar is graduated in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering from BIT, Ranchi University. He completed his MTech in Electronics Instrumentation (by research) from NIT, Warangal and he is shortly in the phase of obtaining his PhD from NIT, Warangal in the field of Instrumentation. Presently he is working as Technology Director in ASL, DRDO, Hyderabad. His research interests encompass the areas of fibre-optic, data communication, data acquisition, underwater instrumentation, high speed visual imaging, design and development of test jigs for missile systems.
L. Anjaneyulu, Department of Electronics & Communication, National Institute of Technology, Warangal

Dr L. Anjaneyulu, did his BTech from Nagarjuna University before obtaining his MTech in EI from NIT Warangal. His varied R&D experiences cover working as Project Officer at DIAT, Pune where he was involved in Design and Development of Airborne and Surface borne RADAR Systems. Presently, he is an Associate Professor, Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering, NIT, Warangal. He evinces keen research interests in the area of antenna design, electromagnetic fields and waves, microwave and radar, computer networks, network programming, fuzzy logic and neural networks.
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Kumar, A., & Anjaneyulu, L. (2016). Design and Development of Power Management System of Unmanned Underwater Platform for Defence Application. Defence Science Journal, 67(1), 119-124.
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