A simple Apparatus for Measuring Evaporation Rate

  • J. C. Chaudhuri Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • T. S. Muralidharan Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • O. P. Bhati Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Keywords: Spiral Tube, Ripples or Waves


A Simple Apparatus has been designed for evaporation rate from natural water surfaces under calm or windy conditions. A special feature of the apparatus is the provision of a spiral tube to damp the effect of ripples or waves.
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Chaudhuri, J., Muralidharan, T., & Bhati, O. (2014). A simple Apparatus for Measuring Evaporation Rate. Defence Science Journal, 15(1), 53-54. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.15.7256
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