Anti-termite tests with thermocoustic board

  • H. G. Khalsa Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • B. S. Nigam Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • P. N. Agarwal Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
Keywords: Anti-termite, Thermoacoustic


A sample of Thermocoustic Insulation Board was tested for termite proofness against two species of termites, viz. Heterotermes indicola Wasmann and Cyclotermes obesus Rambur. When kept in contact with the board the termites (H. indicola) did not feed on it and died with in 9 to 15 days. If few termites penetrated through the board, but could hardly crawl. In graveyard tests, board remained unattacked for nearly two years.
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Khalsa, H., Nigam, B., & Agarwal, P. (2014). Anti-termite tests with thermocoustic board. Defence Science Journal, 14(4), 341-344.
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