Preservative Treatment For Timbers For Ammunition Boxes

  • N. D. Bhandari Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • T.S.A. Padmanabhan Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • P. N. Agarwal Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • R. S. Raman Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
Keywords: Water soluble preservatives, Preservative Treatment For Timbers


The efficacy of the 'hot and cold' bath process of treatment of 16 species of timbers used for manufacture of service ammunition boxes with water soluble 'fixed type preservatives has been investigated. The treatment involved immersion of timbers(pieces of size 20"*5"*3/4")in boiling water for 15 minutes followed by immersion in the cold solution of the preservatives (Ascu-A, Ascu-B and Celcure)for 30minutes and it gave in majority of cases good penetration and retention aimed at. The exceptions were the heart wood of Andaman paduak ,chaplash and white chuglam.
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Bhandari, N., Padmanabhan, T., Agarwal, P., & Raman, R. (2014). Preservative Treatment For Timbers For Ammunition Boxes. Defence Science Journal, 14(1), 33-42.
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