Incidence of Fungal attack on Aircraft Fuselage

  • H. M. Dayal Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • B. P. Uniyal Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • P. N. Agarwal Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • S. S. Nigam Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
Keywords: Vampire Aircraft, TorulaSp, Fuselage


Incidence of fungal attack on the fuselage of a few Vampire aircraft has been observed. The fungus isolated from the infected regions has been tentatively indentified as TorulaSp. Laboratory experiments have revealed that within four weeks this fungus causes about 44 percent loss in the tensile strength of the brich plywood used in the manufacture of the fuselage of the aircraft.
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Dayal, H., Uniyal, B., Agarwal, P., & Nigam, S. (2014). Incidence of Fungal attack on Aircraft Fuselage. Defence Science Journal, 18(4), 243-246.
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