Water economy of the body under dry desert conditions

  • K. V. Mani Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • S. S. Srivastava Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • C. M. Soni Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • J. Bhati Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • S. Kundu Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • S. N. Ray Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Keywords: Water economy, Dry desert


A trial was conducted in summer under field conditions to investigate the effect of ingestion of extra salt per day had no effect on the voluntary intake of water, but it caused a slight increase in urine excretion and a decrease in sweat output, the net result being an increase in the retention of water in the body. It was also noted that there was undue overdrinking of water for the first few days of exposure, probably due to psychological reasons.
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ManiK., SrivastavaS., SoniC., BhatiJ., KunduS., & RayS. (2014). Water economy of the body under dry desert conditions. Defence Science Journal, 14(4), 333-336. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.14.7207
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