Effect of Vitamin E on Muscular Efficiency

  • S. S. Srivastava Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • N. C. Dasgupta Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • K. R. Viswanathan Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • K. K. Sule Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • K. Sain Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • C. M. Soni Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • J. Bhati Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Keywords: Psychological tests, Rovigon tablets, Normal jawans


On the basis of certain physical efficiency tests, twenty-eight healthy, clinically normal jawans in the age group of 20-25 years were divided into two equal groups, one relatively stronger than the other. Seven from each group served as test subjects while the others served as control. 210 mg of vitamin E, in the form of Rovigon tablets, were daily administered to each test subject for sixty days and various physiological and psychological tests were carried out periodically. From the results it was concluded that vitamin E had no significant role in improving muscular efficiency.
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Srivastava, S., Dasgupta, N., Viswanathan, K., Sule, K., Sain, K., Soni, C., & Bhati, J. (2014). Effect of Vitamin E on Muscular Efficiency. Defence Science Journal, 19(1), 61-66. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.19.7470
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