Effect of water intake on sweat output

  • K. V. Mani Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • S. Kundu Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Keywords: Sweat


The effect of drinking volumes of water in excess of normal requirement at a given time on sweat output was studied under two conditions of body activity namely marching and standing, and two conditions of exposure namely sun and shade. It was found that (1)drinking large volumes of water causes a significant and appreciable increase in sweat output, of the order of 0.8 gm/kg/hr; and (2) this increase is very nearly the same under all the conditions studied. It is suggested that changes in tonicity of the plasma may be the main cause for this phenomenon. It is also pointed out that this increased sweat output is not a loss to the body.
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Mani, K., & Kundu, S. (2014). Effect of water intake on sweat output. Defence Science Journal, 11(3), 176-182. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.11.6814
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