Studies in Sulphonamides Part X

  • Ajaya Kabra University of Delhi, Delhi
  • G. S. Saharia University of Delhi, Delhi
  • H. R. Sharma University of Delhi, Delhi
Keywords: Sulphonamides


The present paper describes the synthesis of four differently substituted dibenzoylmethanes, viz., 1(m-nitropheny1)-3-(p-chloropheny1)-, 1-(m-notropheny1)-3-(p-bromopheny1)-, 1,3-di(p-methoxypheny1) and 1-(p-ethoxypheny1)-3-pheny1 propane-1,3-diones and study of their coupling reactions with different diazotised sulphonamide bases. The resulting 2-sulphonamidobenzeneazo derivatives were subjected to biological assay in vitro against S. aureus and E. coli and some of these found to posses considerable activity.
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KabraA., SahariaG., & SharmaH. (2014). Studies in Sulphonamides Part X. Defence Science Journal, 25(4), 145-148.
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