Quick Test for Quality Deterioration in Processed Foods

  • K. S. Premavalli Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
  • C. V. Madhura Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
  • S. S. Arya Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
Keywords: Milk powder, Indicator test solution


A quick test for quality deterioration of milk powder, refined oil and atta, based on the indicator test solution was studied. The indicator test solution comprising NaOH and bromotIlytnol blue indicator remains stable for 6 mont1ls itl glass bottles. Depending on the acidity of the Sample, the colour changed from blue to light blue to green to yellow. The concentration of the indicator test solution is optimised for each product, viz., 4 ml for milk powder and refined oil and 2 ml for atta, to which 1 ml aqueous sample or oil is added which gives the colour change. The appearance of green colour is considered tIle cutoff point for inferior quality alld is based on the limits specified by the Bureau of Indian Standards for these products. The test has proved its efficacy in quality checking during storage of milk powder and deep fat frying of products in refined oils.

Author Biographies

K. S. Premavalli, Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
Dr (Mrs) KS Premavalli obtained her PhD in Food Science from University ofMysore in 1990. She joined DRDO at the Defence Food Research Laboratory (DFRL), Mysore, in 1979. Presently, she is working as Scientist D. Her areas of research include packaging and storage of alla, generation of flavouring compounds in chapalies, microencapsulation of natural colourants, development of indicator tests for quality evaluation of processed foods, etc. She received the Best Research Publication Award (1973, 1976, 1983, 1984 and 1985); Best Scientific Worker Award (1981); DRDO Cash Award (1981) for process development of chapaties, etc. She has published about 45 research papers and technical reports.
C. V. Madhura, Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
Mrs CV Madhura joined DRDO at the DFRL, Mysore in 1981. His areas of research include development of convenience foods in the form of dry mixes or ready-to-eat. He has published about eight research papers. He was given the DRDO Cash Award (1988 & 1996) and Best Scientific Worker Award ( 1994 ).
S. S. Arya, Defence Food Research Laboratory, Mysore
Dr ss Arya is the Director, DFRL, Mysore. He obtained his MSc from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, securing second rank. He joined DRDO as Senior Scientific Officer in 1966. While in service, he did his PhD from Mysore University. He is associated with the major research and development projects at DFRL, Mysore. He has extensively investigated the development of convenience foods and pack rations, such as compo pack ration, survival rations for the Services and for Antarctica teams. He has published more than 200 research papers. Because of his out standing work, he has received many awards, such as It Subramanian Industrial Achievement Award, AFST
Gardner Best Publication Award and A.K. U. Patel & N.A Pandit Award, and Twentieth Century 5000 Distinguished Personalities Award. He is a fellow of the Association of Food Scientists & Technologists.
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Premavalli, K., Madhura, C., & Arya, S. (2013). Quick Test for Quality Deterioration in Processed Foods. Defence Science Journal, 48(3), 257-262. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.48.3945
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