Modelling and Simulation of Tactical Team Behaviour

  • Sanjay Bisht Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
  • Aparna Malhotra Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
  • S. B. Taneja Institute for Systems Studies & Analyses, Delhi
Keywords: Wargames, battlefield simulation, intelligent agents, team-oriented modelling, militarytraining military simulation, modelling and simulation, decision making


Realistic military simulations are needed for analysis, planning, and training. Intelligentagent technology is a valuable software concept with the potential of being widely used inmilitary simulation applications. They provide a powerful abstraction mechanism required fordesigning simulations of complex and dynamic battlefields. Their ability to model the tacticaldecision-making behaviour of simulated battlefield entities gives them an edge over othertechniques. During battlefield simulation, these entities generally represent individualisticbehaviour, taking operational order from higher control and executing relevant plans. However,since a complex battlefield scenario typically involves thousands of entities, their coordinatedteam behaviour should also be considered to make the simulation more realistic. This paperdemonstrates the use of intelligent agent-based team behaviour modelling concepts in simulatingthe armoured tanks in a tactical masking scenario.
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Bisht, S., Malhotra, A., & Taneja, S. (2007). Modelling and Simulation of Tactical Team Behaviour. Defence Science Journal, 57(6), 853-864.
Computers & Systems Studies