Peak Strain in Regressing Finocyl Port Propellant Grainsunder Pressure Loading

  • Himanshu Shekhar High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Pune
Keywords: Finocyl port propellant grain, rocket propellant, port pressurisation, peak strain, pressureloading, finile element analysis, case-bonded propellants, propellant burning


Finite element analysis (FEM) has been conducted for case-bonded finocyl port propellantcross section under pressure loading conditions during burning. Peak strain is found todecrease in course of burning, hence, analysis of any intermediate configuration in courseof burning is not required for assessing margin of safety in finocyl port propellant grains.The Power Law proposed1 has also been used to predict peak strain. Variation in strainsobtained by FEM and using the Power Law is found to be matching closely with findingsreported in CPIA (Chemical Propulsion Information Agency) publications. Extension indomain of power law to regressing pressurised finocyl port propellant grain eliminates dependenceon time-consuming computer- intensive FEM computations without compromising the accuracyof results.
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Shekhar, H. (2007). Peak Strain in Regressing Finocyl Port Propellant Grainsunder Pressure Loading. Defence Science Journal, 57(2), 259-266.
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