Pixel-level Image Fusion using Wavelets and Principal Component Analysis

  • V.P.S. Naidu National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
  • J.R. Raol National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore
Keywords: Pixel-level image fusion, wavelets transform, principal component analysis, multi-sensorimage fusion


Image registration and fusion are of great importance in defence and civilian sectors, e.g.,recognising a ground/air force vehicle and medical imaging. Pixel-level image fusion usingwavelets and principal component analysis has been implemented and demonstrated in PCMATLAB. Different performance metrics with and without reference image are implemented toevaluate the performance of image fusion algorithms. As expected, the simple averaging fusionalgorithm shows degraded performance. The ringing tone presented in the fused image can beavoided using wavelets with shift invariant property. It has been concluded that image fusionusing wavelets with higher level of decomposition showed better performance in some metricsand in other metrics, principal components analysis showed better performance.
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Naidu, V., & Raol, J. (2008). Pixel-level Image Fusion using Wavelets and Principal Component Analysis. Defence Science Journal, 58(3), 338-352. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.58.1653
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