Polarographic Determination of Tetraethyl Lead in Gasoline

  • C. R. Viswanatham Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • S. S. Vats Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
Keywords: Polarographic Determination, Tetraethyl Lead, Gasoline


The polarographic determination of tetra-ethyl lead in gasoline by the hydrochloric acid axtraction method of Borup and Levin has been critically studied and an improved procedure employing a solution of hydrogen chloride in ether is described.
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Viswanatham, C., & Vats, S. (2014). Polarographic Determination of Tetraethyl Lead in Gasoline. Defence Science Journal, 10(1), 51-56. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.10.7647
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