Deleading of gasoline

  • B. K. Choudhuri Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • C. R. Viswanathan Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • s. S. Vats Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
  • A. R. Aiyar Defence Research Laboratory (Stores), Kanpur
Keywords: Gasoline, Combustion engines


: Gasoline as normally supplied for running internal combustion engines contain added twtraethy lead for improving anti-knock properties. Due to the presence of lead, burning of the gasoline (for heating and illuminating purposes) results in complete choking of the orifice at which it is burnt by thedeposition of lead in a short time and secondly fouls the environment with poisonous lead vapour. Two new methods based on chemical reaction and absorption to remove lead from gasoline have been discussed. The methods are simple, rapid and adaptable universally for running burner stoves, mantle lanterns and similar equipments.
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Choudhuri, B., Viswanathan, C., Vats, s., & Aiyar, A. (2014). Deleading of gasoline. Defence Science Journal, 11(1), 34-44.
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