Load carriage by infantry soldiers

  • N. C. Majumdar Defence Science Laboratory, New Delhi
Keywords: Soldiers, Load carriage


At constant speed of marching, oxygen consumption has been found to increase linearly with the amount of load carried, indicating that there is no optimum load. However, an optimum speed of marching has been found, depending on the terrain condition. A different line of approach, involving a study of the relationship between stride-length, frequency of stepping and speed in normal walking and the effect of muscular fatigue on this relationship has also yielded similar results. Desirability of further studies on the effect of load on optimum speed of marching, effective reduction of weight of equipment and optimum distribution of load on the body has been stressed.
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Majumdar, N. (2014). Load carriage by infantry soldiers. Defence Science Journal, 8(3), 253-257. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.8.7598
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