Metal tracks for airfields

  • S. K. Wadhawan Defence Science Laboratory, New Delhi
Keywords: Metal tracks, During World War-II, Pollit's account


In this paper, the subject of metal tracks as means of rapid construction of runways during World War-II has been reviewed. Brief description of some of the important light and heavy metal tracks has been given. Merits and demerits of both types of track are stated. Factors responsible for successful functioning of the track are enumerated and Pollit's account of the theory of track is presented. A summary of the post-war research on the field scale as carried out in U.K. is incorporated. Present trends obtaining in U.S.A. are indicated along with concluding remarks.
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Wadhawan, S. (2014). Metal tracks for airfields. Defence Science Journal, 7(2-3), 79-87.
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