Aniline-Furfural as a Soil Stabiliser

  • S. K. Wadhawan Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • A. K. Datta Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: Soil Stabiliser, Aniline-furfural


A comparison has been made of aniline-furfural and cement as soil stabilisers with the Gangetic alluvial soil of Delhi. Three compositions of aniline-furfural and two of cement were employed. The 7 day unconfined compressive strength of soil stabilised with resin composition-5% aniline and 2.5% furfural is nearly equal to the strength of soil established with 20% cement. Treatment with aniline-furfural produces high strength of nearly 1 ton per sq. in. when the resin composition is 8% aniline and 4% furfural on soil weight basis. The reduction in strength of the aniline-furfural and cement stabilised soils on being subjected to successive wetting-drying and freezing-thawing cycles is almost the same for both the soils. Stabilisation of soils with aniline-furfural is better suited to cold climates.
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Wadhawan, S., & Datta, A. (2014). Aniline-Furfural as a Soil Stabiliser. Defence Science Journal, 15(4), 281-286.
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