Pursuit Courses in Aerial Gunnery

  • S. Krishnan Defence Science Organisation, New Delhi
Keywords: Aerial gunnery, Pursuit attack


In this paper, several methods of attack on a bomber made by a fighter, equipped with fixed guns, are discussed, with particular reference to the curve of pursuit attack. The importance of pursuit course of attack in aerial gunnery, the various types of pursuit courses, the characteristics of the above courses and their limitations, have been discussed. The difficulties of adopting a curve of pursuit attack on present day high-speed bombers have been explained, leading to an introduction of interception or collision course of attacks.

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S. Krishnan, Defence Science Organisation, New Delhi
Defence Science Organisation, Ministry of Defence, New Delhi
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Krishnan, S. (2014). Pursuit Courses in Aerial Gunnery. Defence Science Journal, 6(1), 70-86. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.6.7539
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