Efficiency of Newer Insecticide DDVP as a Space Spray

  • A. P. Srivastava Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • R. S. Dixit Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
  • P. N. Agarwal Defence Research Laboratory (Materials), Kanpur
Keywords: Mosquitoes, Culex, Pyrethrins


The insecticide properties of DDVP in relation to pyrethrins was investigated as space spray against the houseflies, Musca nebulo linn. and the mosquitoes, culex fatigans wied. DDVP was found much superior to pyrethrins in its killing properties. The knockdown property of DDVP as compared to pyrethrins was poor especially against the mosquitoes.
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Srivastava, A., Dixit, R., & Agarwal, P. (2014). Efficiency of Newer Insecticide DDVP as a Space Spray. Defence Science Journal, 15(3), 221-224. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.15.7289
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