Solar radiation in relation to altitude and humidity

  • N. C. Majumdar Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
  • S. B. Kaushik Defence Laboratory, Jodhpur
Keywords: Solar radiation, Humidity, Atmosphere


A simplified theory of attenuation of incoming direct total solar radiation as a function of humidity of the atmosphere and local altitude under clear sky condition with minimal dust and smoke content has been presented. For this purpose the atmosphere has been idealised and broadly divided into two components-one responsible for absorption and the other, for scattering and reflection. The equation has been developed with the object of predicting local solar radiation from a knowledge of local humidity and altitude, with the help of simple charts.
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Majumdar, N., & Kaushik, S. (2014). Solar radiation in relation to altitude and humidity. Defence Science Journal, 13(4), 243-248.
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