Merits of RDX

  • H. K. Acharya Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • A. K. Roy Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
Keywords: RDX, Explosive properties


The explosive properties of RDX have been compared in details with those of other high explosives, such as, picric acid, TNT, CE and PETN, in respect of (i) Rate of detonation, (ii) Brisance,(iii) Blasting power, (iv)Sensitivity, (v) Stability and (vi) Fragmentation. It has been pointed out that RDX is superior to all other modern high explosives hitherto used for blasting, shattering and fragmentation purposes.
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Acharya, H., & Roy, A. (2014). Merits of RDX. Defence Science Journal, 11(3), 211-220.
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