Friction of Pneumatic Rubber Tyres on Sand

  • H. D. Sharma Defence Science Laboratory, Delhi
  • M. P. Yadav Directorate of Scientific Research (Navy), New Delhi
  • B. M. Sharma Directorate of Standardisation, New Delhi
Keywords: Tyres, Rolling friction


The paper describes an apparatus for determining the rolling friction of pneumatic rubber tyres on sandy surfaces at different loads for different inflation pressures. The coefficient of friction is dependent on the size and shape of the tyre. The results refer only to measurements at a very low speed. Tyres having a flat tread and low inflation pressure are preferred on sand.
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Sharma, H., Yadav, M., & Sharma, B. (2014). Friction of Pneumatic Rubber Tyres on Sand. Defence Science Journal, 20(2), 129-134.
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