Underwater Applications of Acoustical Holography

  • P. C. Mehta Instruments Research & Development Establishment, DehraDun
Keywords: Acoustical holography, Underwater acoustics, Sonar images, Image processing, Optical visibility, Holograms, Sonars


The paper describes the basic technique of acoustical holography. Requirements for recording the acoustical hologram are discussed with its ability for underwater imaging in view. Some practical systems for short-range and medium-range imaging are described. The advantages of acoustical holography over optical imaging, acoustical imaging and sonars are outlined.

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P. C. Mehta, Instruments Research & Development Establishment, DehraDun
Instruments Research and Development Establishment, Dehra Dun-248 008
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Mehta, P. (2014). Underwater Applications of Acoustical Holography. Defence Science Journal, 34(1), 97-110. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.34.6060
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