Biomathematical Approach Towards a Linear Climatic Index

  • V. Kumar Defence Science Centre, Delhi
Keywords: Thornthwaites Moisture Index, Linear Aridity Index, Aridity of a place, Climatic parameters


The approach is aimed towards integration of major climatic elements for evolving a linear climatic index based on annual averages of three climatic parameters, viz; diurnal range of temperatures, daily mean temperature and precipitation respectively. The index is a measure of aridity of a place, being positive for all arid regions and negative for all humid regions and is effectively applicable to high altitudes. The climatic index, so derived, is termed as 'Linear Aridity Index' and has been compared against Thornthwaite's Moisture Index for 32 meteorological stations in India and neighbourhood (including coastal, non-coastal and high altitude) which reveals a close correlation between the two indices. More stations in India and neighbourhood have been analysed in terms of the index value for studying the climatic pattern in India. A nomogram has also been developed for quick evaluation of the index from the given values of the three parameters used.

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V. Kumar, Defence Science Centre, Delhi
Defence Science Centre, Delhi - 110054
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Kumar, V. (2014). Biomathematical Approach Towards a Linear Climatic Index. Defence Science Journal, 35(1), 33-45.
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