Indium Arsenide Solid Solutions: Devices Based on InGaAs(P)

  • S. I. Radautsan Institute of Applied Physics of the Moldavian Academy of Sciences, Kishinev
  • V. K. Chumak Kishinev State Polytechnical Institute afler S. Laso
Keywords: Heterostructures, Fabrication


This paper is a review of literature and data dealing with the properties of indium arsenide-based solid solutions and several devices on InGaAs(P)/ZnP heterostructures. Possible practical applications of the 111 V-II12VI,heterostructures are indicated.

The most interesting results obtained in the fabrication of high quality heterostructures, including modulation-doped and quantum-dimensional ones are demonstrated. The epitaxial methods bsed for the production of heterostructures are comparatively analised. Data about applicability ofepitaxial methodsfor fabrication ofdifferent device structures are reported.An interesting 'cleaning' effect taking place at the InGaAs(P) crystallization by LPE from solutions containing rare-earth elements is described.

A review of recently published works on fabrication of effective FET ismade. The HEMT technology thought to be the most promising one, issupposed to contribute to a qualitatively new development stage of large integral circuits on A3B5, while a combination of HEMT with thetechnology of quantum-dimensional lasers is expected to accelerate thecreation of high speed response integral circuits.


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