Growth of High Quality GaAs by MBE

  • Naresh Chand A T&T Bell Laboratories, 600 Mountain Avenue Murray Hill, New Jersey 07974, USA
Keywords: Epitaxial MBE growth


This paper reviews the requirements and current practices in the molecular beam epitaxial (MBE) growth af high-quality GaAs. High quality growth of GaAs means excellent control on the growth process andthe excellent surface, structural, electrical and optical properties of the deposited GaAs. Background material is presented about the MBE technique, the MBE system and its initial preparation for growth,molecular-beam source materials, substrate preparation and the growth conditions. The importance of meticulousness at every step is emphasized.Then, to illustrate that the MBE-GaAs has reached a level of perfection,experimental data is presented which shows an excellent control on the growth rate and its lateral uniformity (+- 0.75 per cent), the presence of verylow-level of background impurities (-low 1013 and high electronmobilities ( peak - 3 x 10to poer 5 cm2 v-1s-1 at 42 K for n - 3 x 10 to the power 13 (cm)-3). In addition, we show that MBE-GaAs is intrinsically free from electron and hole deep traps. Chemical impurities in the impure arsenic source are shown to be the main limiting factors in determining the transport andoptical properties and formation of deep centers in MBE-GaAs. Such chemical impurities may, however, originate from other sources as well.


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