Nitramine-Based High Energy Propellant Compositions for Tank Guns

  • R.S. Damse High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Pune
  • Haridwar Singh High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Pune
Keywords: Gun propellants, RDX, Tank gun ammunition, Flame temperature, Ballistics, Nitrocellulose


Six different RDX-based gun propellant compositions have been formulated and studied to select the most suitable composition for tank gun ammunition in terms of higher force constant at relatively lower flame temperature (T). Ballistic'performance of the compositions was evaluated on the basis of closed vessel test. JIea(energy was determined using a bomb calorimeter. Sensitivity, thermal characteristics, stability and mechanical properties of the compositions were studied for assessing their suitabilitY for application. The composition containing 65 per cent RDX and 28 per cent nitrocellulose was found to provide higher level of force constant at relatively lower T f ' reasonably good burning rate characteristics and mechanical properties.

Author Biographies

R.S. Damse, High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Pune
Mr RS Damse obtained his MSc (Organic Chemistry) from University of Poona, in 1983. He joined DRDO at the High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) as Scientist B. His areas of work include: development of high explosives for filling of various warheads, design and development of combustible cartridge cases for tank guns of different calibre and ignition system for tank gun ammunition.
Haridwar Singh, High Energy Materials Research Laboratory, Pune
Dr Hardiwar Singh obtained his PhD in solid rocket propellant combustion from University of Poona. He joined DRDO at the HEMRL, Pune, in 1971 and became Director in 1990. He is a recognised postgraduate guide of University of Poona and Shivaji University and has supervised 20 post-graduate and doctoral theses. He was a Visiting Scientist at the Max-Planck Institute, Germany; High Pressure Combustion Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University, Army Research Laboratory; Maryland Science Application Centre, Santa Clara and Sandia National Laboratory, USA. He has been awarded the Astronautica[ Society of India Award for 1994. He was conferred with the DRDO Scientist of the Year Award in 1983 for his contributions in applied sciences and advanced solid propellants, high energy propellants, respectively. He is the recipient of DRDO Cash Award for the development of power plants for misswile target and Best Paper Award of Defence Science Journa[ in 1984. He is the Chairman of the High Energy Materials Society of India, a member of AIM, International Advisory Board-Flame Structure & Combustion, and an honorary member of the Russian Academy of Astronautics. His areas of research include: rocketry, cast double-base (CDB) propellants, HTPB-based composite propellants, nitramine-based propellants, high energy composite modified double base (CMDB) for integrated rocket ramjet, AP-based p(opeIIants, and zirconium powder based fuel-rich propellants.


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Damse, R., & Singh, H. (2013). Nitramine-Based High Energy Propellant Compositions for Tank Guns. Defence Science Journal, 50(1), 75-81.
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