Development of Vibrating Disc Piezoelectric Gyroscope

  • A.K. Singh Institute of Armament Technology, Pune
  • U.K. Gorain Institute of Armament Technology, Pune
Keywords: Piezoelectric gyroscope, vibrating disc, rotation rate sensor, resonance frequency, Coriolis effect, piezoelectric effect, vibrating gyroscope


The paper presents an indigenously developed vibrating disc piezoelectric gyroscope, in which both excitation and detection have been done through piezoelectric, using PZT-5H material. The gyroscope has been driven to resonant state by direct piezoelectric effect, using 20 V ac signal at 93 kHz, and the output has been detected by the reverse piezoelectric effect.
The performance of this gyroscope has been tested with 3 microprocessor-controlled turntable, and the output of the gyroscope has been found" to be linearly proportional to the rotation
speed within a range ± 150 °/s. The sensitivity of the gyroscope is about 0.5 mV/°/s, which is comparable to that of other gyroscopes of similar category
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Singh, A., & Gorain, U. (2004). Development of Vibrating Disc Piezoelectric Gyroscope. Defence Science Journal, 54(3), 387-393.
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