Modelling and Analysis of Hysteresis in Piezoelectric Actuator

  • A.K. Singh Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune
  • Deepak Apte Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Keywords: Piezoelectric, hysteresis, polarisation, domain wall 825


Piezoelectric actuators are the potential actuators having a wide range of applications in
smart structures and systems. However, the presence of hysteresis nonlinearity leads to
degradation in their performance. This paper discusses a mathematical model for hysteresis in
piezoelectric actuators based on domain wall bending and translation1. The validity of the model
has been illustrated through comparison with the experimental observations of piezoelectric
stack actuator developed using PZT5H material.
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Singh, A., & Apte, D. (2006). Modelling and Analysis of Hysteresis in Piezoelectric Actuator. Defence Science Journal, 56(5), 825-833.
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