Transient Performance of Electrical System in a Military Vehicle

  • Zang Kemao Special Vehicle Engineering Institute, Beijing
Keywords: Military vehicle, elechical system, transient performance, numerical method, silicon-rectifying generator


Electrical system in a military vehicle is a low voltage (28 V dc) system which is an unsymmetrical and nonlinear system made up of silicon-rectifying generator and a battery in parallel. Studies have been carried out using numerical method to calculate its transient performance. State variable and coordinate transformation have been adopted to express the functional modes and its transfer law of the silicon-rectifying generator; the battery is expressed as a simplified equivalent circuit according to its characteristics during transient process: Consequently, the general mathematical model of electrical system in a military vehicle is presented. Examples of electrical systems in somemilitary vehicles have been taken to carry out the calculation of transient performance and the findings have been compared with the test results of an actual vehicle to show that the numerical method designed works.
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Kemao, Z. (2004). Transient Performance of Electrical System in a Military Vehicle. Defence Science Journal, 54(1), 95-105.
Electronics & Communication Systems

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