Plasma Frequency Reduction Factor

  • S. K. Datta Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre, Bangalore
  • Lalit Kumar Microwave Tube Research & Development Centre, Bangalore
Keywords: Artificial neural network, plasma oscillation, plasma frequency reduction factor, solid electron beam, metallic tunnel


A simple formula for plasma frequency reduction factor for a solid cylindrical electron beam in a metallictunnel has been developed by means of a 3-D curve fitting to the standard results of Branch and Mihran withaccuracy > 1.7 per cent, over the parametric regime of normalised beam-radius and beam-filling factor applicablefor linear-beam microwave tubes.  An artificial neural network algorithm was used for the curve-fitting followingthe approach of universal approximation.  The formula is simple and amenable to easy computation, even usinga scientific calculator.

Defence Science Journal, 2008, 58(6), pp.768-770, DOI:

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Datta, S., & Kumar, L. (2008). Plasma Frequency Reduction Factor. Defence Science Journal, 58(6), 768-770.
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