Shock Wave Behaviour of Polymeric Materials for Detonation Waveshapers

Keywords: Shock wave attenuation, Waveshaper, Polymeric material


This paper discusses the experimental determination of explosive shock attenuation parameters of four different polymers viz., Teflon, Phenol formaldehyde, Polyethylene foam and Polypropylene foam. These polymers are candidate materials for waveshapers in shaped charge warheads. Cylindrical specimens of the polymer materials were subjected to explosive shock loading by the detonation of RDX:Wax (95:5). Shock arrival time was measured using piezo-wafers positioned at known spatial intervals in the specimens. Initial shock velocity, stabilised shock velocity and attenuation constant were determined. These parameters are essential for the design of waveshapers. Foams have better shock attenuating properties compared to solids due to their cellular structure. Polypropylene foam has the highest shock attenuating characteristic among the four materials studied.

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Harikrishnan, S., Kumar, K., Venkateswara Rao, V., & Misra, A. (2021). Shock Wave Behaviour of Polymeric Materials for Detonation Waveshapers. Defence Science Journal, 71(6), 730-736.
Armaments & Explosives