Respiratory Protection Against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents

  • G.K. Prasad Defence R&D Establishment, Gwalior
  • Beer Singh Defence R&D Establishment, Gwalior
  • R. Vijayaraghavan Defence R&D Establishment, Gwalior
Keywords: Chamical warfare agents, biological warfare agents, respiratory protection, gas filters, mechanicalfilters, aerosols, CBW


Chemical and biological warfare (CBW) agents pose unavoidable threat, both to soldiers and civilians.Exposure to such deadly agents amidst the CBW agents contaminated environment can be avoided bytaking proper protective measures. Respiratory protection is indispensable when the soldiers or civiliansare surrounded by such deadly environment as contamination-free air is needed for respiration purposes.In this context, an attempt has been made to review the literature for the past five decades on developmentof various protective devices for respiratory protection against aerosols, gases, and vapours of CBWagents. This review covers structural, textural, and adsorption properties of materials used in gas filtersand mechanical filters for the removal of CBW agents.

Defence Science Journal, 2008, 58(5), pp.686-697, DOI:

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Prasad, G., Singh, B., & Vijayaraghavan, R. (2008). Respiratory Protection Against Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents. Defence Science Journal, 58(5), 686-697.