Distinguishing Lightweight Block Ciphers in Encrypted Images

Keywords: Deep learning, Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, Lightweight block ciphers, MNIST, Fashion-MNIST


Modern day lightweight block ciphers provide powerful encryption methods for securing IoT communication data. Tiny digital devices exchange private data which the individual users might not be willing to get disclosed. On the other hand, the adversaries try their level best to capture this private data. The first step towards this is to identify the encryption scheme. This work is an effort to construct a distinguisher to identify the cipher used in encrypting the traffic data. We try to establish a deep learning based method to identify the encryption scheme used from a set of three lightweight block ciphers viz. LBlock, PRESENT and SPECK. We make use of images from MNIST and fashion MNIST data sets for establishing the cryptographic distinguisher. Our results show that the overall classification accuracy depends firstly on the type of key used in encryption and secondly on how frequently the pixel values change in original input image.

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Mishra, G., Pal, S., Murthy, S. V. S. S. N. V. G., Vats, K., & Raina, R. (2021). Distinguishing Lightweight Block Ciphers in Encrypted Images. Defence Science Journal, 71(5), 647-655. https://doi.org/10.14429/dsj.71.16843
Computers & Systems Studies