Classification Models for Symmetric Key Cryptosystem Identification

  • Shri Kant Joint Cipher Bureau
Keywords: Classification, supervised pattern recognition, feature extraction, decision surfaces, discriminant functions


The present paper deals with the basic principle and theory behind prevalent classification models and their judicious application for symmetric key cryptosystem identification. These techniques have been implemented and verified on varieties of known and simulated data sets. After establishing the techniques the problems of cryptosystem identification have been addressed.

Defence Science Journal, 2012, 62(1), pp.38-45DOI:

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Shri Kant, Joint Cipher Bureau
Dr Shri Kant received his PhD(Mathematics) from Banaras Hindu University. Presently working as Scientist ‘G’ and Coordinator, Joint Cipher Bureau, DRDO, Metcalfe House, Delhi.
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Kant, S. (2012). Classification Models for Symmetric Key Cryptosystem Identification. Defence Science Journal, 62(1), 38-45.
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