Cryptology and Communication Security

  • Shri Kant Joint Cipher Bureau
Keywords: Cryptology, Communication Security


Cryptology is the scientific study and practice of making (cryptography) and breaking (cryptanalysis) of codes and
ciphers. Code is a system of rephrasing parts of normal language meaningful with certain standard groups or symbols. Whereas cipher is a system of transforming fixed length group of language symbols at normally the single character of alphabet into code alphabet character. The science of making communications unintelligible to all except the intended recipient(s) is known as cryptography. Until recently cryptography has been of interest primarily to the defence and diplomatic personnel of governments, guarded over and directed by their national crypto logic services. But now a day’s It has become the part of our daily life viz. providing electronic security to our house and offices, use of ATM, Credit Card, Smart Cards and RFID tags, etc. all of them needs cryptography in some form. Private business sectors, terrorist outfit and electronic communication agencies are using cryptographic methods to keep their data, valuable information and their developmental activities secret until they feel that it is important for their commercial interest, etc. Many cryptographic devices and algorithms are available for non-governmental application, such as M209, Hagelin machine, DES, AES, Public key cryptography (RSA system), and also varieties of crypto algorithms are available in the open literatures for any interested agency to implement their own system of encryptions.

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